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Architecture Santa Fe New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Acton Architecture specializes in Contemporary and Traditional Architecture Santa Fe New Mexico.

Founded in 1990, Acton Architecture has expertise in innovative, sustainable residential and medium-scale commercial projects. Led by Architect, Rad Acton, the firm has extensive experience in custom home design and historic remodel. It has also been in the forefront of medium density residential subdivision and work-live commercial project design.  

   Says Rad Acton "I see New Mexico architecture, in it's most broad sense,  as an outgrowth of the rich interplay of the region's great building traditions,  unique historic fabric, and cultural relationship with the land. Architecture in New Mexico, is also an expression of an individual's relationship to neighborhood, community, and larger city.  Santa Fe, uniquely, represents by both the newest and oldest building types and cultural traditions.  It is a city facing great challenges as it balances new development imperatives, with a respect for the its historic values and sensitive high-desert environment.  Our new buildings must also incorporate the latest developments in energy efficient building envelopes, appliances, and mechanical equipment.  They must also be designed to take advantage of all opportunities for the use of renewable energy, today and into the future."

  Simply put, I  see my role as architect, as that of interpreter for the above above mentioned imperatives and values, and then as translator, converting that information into physical form.  It is a form crafted meets the functional, budgetary, scheduling and aesthetic goals of my clients. Projects evolving from this approach will ensure lasting benefits for a client/owner/developer dedicated to the creation of high performance, value engineered, energy efficient buildings that contribute to the well-being of the natural and cultural environment.

  Santa Fe architect Rad Acton has lived his personal and professional philosophy for more than 30 years, combining the cultural eye of anthropologist with the dexterity of a sculptor. Acton crafts his residential and commercial designs  by listening closely to his clients needs, and by working collaboratively with them and their builder throughout the duration of the project.